MUD 501 Update Regarding City of Houston Water Main Break

MUD 501 receives drinking water from MUD 500, in its capacity as Master District. The water source for MUD 500 is the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (“WHCRWA”), which obtains treated surface water from the City of Houston (“City”).

As you may be aware, in response to a 96” water main break in the City’s system around noon yesterday, the City issued a Boil Water Notice yesterday evening. Please be aware that the WHCRWA is not issuing or requiring systems receiving water from the WHCRWA, including MUD 501, to issue a Boil Water Notice.

According to correspondence from the WHCRWA operator, which is available here, the drinking water supplied to the WHCRWA, including the MUD 501 water supply, has not been affected by the City’s water main break and continues to remain in compliance with all state and federal requirements.