Harris County MUD 501 Garbage and Recycling Collection Service Issues

As you know, Harris County MUD 501 (MUD 501) transitioned to a new garbage and recycling provider, Texas Pride Disposal, on November 1, 2020. The MUD 501 Board is aware of service concerns related to the transition, including with respect to collection timing, missed pickups, and return of garbage and recycling carts to the garage door location. Please be assured that we have addressed these concerns with Texas Pride. Texas Pride has responded and taken measures to correct these issues. We have been and are continuing to work with Texas Pride to address all ongoing issues.

Over the past several weeks, garbage and recycling volume was significantly higher than even a typical holiday season due to increased cardboard and other shipping materials associated with higher-than-usual online shopping activities during the continued COVID-19 pandemic. The high volume of trash and recycling materials required Texas Pride crews to make additional visits to empty the trucks, causing a delay in trash and recycling collection for some areas within MUD 501. Now that we are through the holiday season and into the new year, we expect that garbage and recycling volumes should return to normal levels.

In the event you have a garbage or recycling collection service issue, please contact Texas Pride directly, at (281) 342-8178, or service@texaspridedisposal.com, to report the issue so that the issue can be addressed in a timely manner. The Board has requested that Texas Pride track and report all customer calls to the Board so that the Board can identify and address any continued service issues.

The Board also encourages you to sign up for MUD 501 e-mail alerts, at https://www.hcmud501.org/email.