Harris County MUD No. 500 – Master Notice Regarding Water Supply

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 500, as Master District, provides the potable (drinking) water supply to the Towne Lake Master District Service Area, including Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 501. The Master District purchases the potable water it provides to the Master District Service Area from the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (Authority). This morning, the operator for the Authority notified the Master District’s operator, Environmental Development Partners (EDP), that the City of Houston had shut off its water supply to the Authority due to the ongoing weather conditions.

The Master District maintains interconnects with nearby municipal utility districts to provide potable water during service outages. This afternoon, EDP confirmed that the interconnect with the adjoining municipal utility district, Remington Municipal Utility District No. 1 (Remington), has been opened and is providing potable water service to the Master District Service Area at this time. EDP currently expects that the water supply provided by Remington should be sufficient to serve the Master District Service Area. However, the Master District encourages all residents to be mindful of water usage and to isolate and shut off any leaking pipes or other fixtures promptly.

Due to regional communication issues, please be advised that EDP’s telephone system currently is not operational. In addition, due to the high volume of e-mail requests and expected high volume of calls once phone service is re-established, response times may be significantly longer than usual. We appreciate your patience through these extremely challenging conditions.