Wildlife Management in Harris County MUD 500 Lakes

On July 28, 2020, MUD 500 received a report of a sighting of an alligator in the southern portion of MUD 500’s lakes, east of the Greenhouse Road Bridge and behind San Solomon Springs Court. MUD 500 immediately notified its wildlife management contractor of the sighting and directed the trapper to actively monitor for an alligator and, if one is located, to immediately remove it upon obtaining the required nuisance permit from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

MUD 500 continues to request that residents report any sightings of alligators to its operator, Environmental Development Partners, at (832) 467-1599. MUD 500 encourages your district to share this information with your residents. Please visit MUD 500’s website, at http://www.hcmud500.org, for additional information.