Board Members

Wayne Tyson, President, Term Expires: May 2026
Jonathan Cowen Vice President, Term Expires: May 2026
DeBra D. Edwards, Secretary, Term Expires: May 2026
Jared Day, Assistant Vice President, Term Expires: May 2024
John Casey, Assistant Secretary, Term Expires: May 2024


History of MUD 501

Mission Statement

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 501 (Harris County MUD 501) was created by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in August 2007, to provide public water, sewer, drainage, and other services to the residents and property owners living within the boundaries of the district. Operating as a municipal utility district, or MUD, allows Harris County MUD 501 the flexibility to customize services and respond to opportunities that benefit our residents. Harris County MUD 501, as a political subdivision of the State of Texas, seeks to:

  • Provide high quality water, sewer, drainage, trash and other services to its residents at a competitive cost;
  • Be responsive to resident questions and requests;
  • Require excellent performance and responsiveness from the consultants and contractors it engages;
  • Display transparency and community outreach by making Harris County MUD 501 documents/meeting information available through this website and encouraging attendance at the District’s board meetings, and town hall meetings;
  • Promote water conservation through communication, education and a water rate structure that  encourages residents to minimize water usage; and
  • Implement a tax rate setting process that ensures adherence with the requirements associated with servicing internal debt, complying with contractual obligations, and providing sufficient revenue for District operations, while at the same time striving to be competitive and responsive to our residents.

Board of Directors Elections

None at this time.