MUD 501 Partners with Towne Lake Community Association for Enhanced Security Patrol

Over the past year, the MUD 501 Board has received reports of increased security incidents and other security concerns throughout the Towne Lake community, including within MUD 501, and in the surrounding areas. The Towne Lake Community Association (Association) also was notified of those reports and responded last summer by approving an increase to their contract with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to provide two additional deputies for security patrol in the Towne Lake community.

In December 2022, in response to budgetary pressure from the additional security costs, the Association’s Board approached MUD 501 and MUD 502 to request that the Districts contribute to the cost of the two additional deputies. The MUD 501 Board agreed to fund the cost of one of the additional deputies for the current contract year, which runs from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023. It is our understanding the MUD 502 Board agreed to fund the cost of the second additional deputy for the current contract year.

Under MUD 501’s agreement with the Association, the Association will continue to administer the contract with the Sheriff’s Office. The MUD 501 Board, however, will receive monthly reports from the Sheriff’s Office and will work with both the Sheriff’s Office and the Association to address any issues that may arise under the contract. The MUD 501 Board also has established a Security Committee to continue working with the Association and the other MUDs within the Towne Lake community to continue to ensure that all security issues are identified and addressed. Please rest assured that the MUD 501 Board takes security concerns in our community very seriously and is working diligently to ensure they are addressed.