Regional Flood Planning Update and Opportunity for Public Input

Following the extensive flooding experienced throughout Texas during Hurricane Harvey, in 2019 the Texas legislature created the first-ever regional and state flood planning process for Texas to try to help identify and mitigate flood risks for all Texans.  As part of this new process, the legislature tasked the Texas Water Development Board with creating regional flood planning regions based on river basins.  The regional flood planning group covering the Towne Lake community is called the Region 6 San Jacinto Regional Flood Planning Group (SJRFPG), and it covers all or part of 11 counties spanning from Walker County to the north all the way down to Galveston Bay and points south.  The SJRFPG and all other regional flood planning groups are required to deliver their initial regional flood plans to the Texas Water Development Board by January 10, 2023.  The Texas Water Development Board will then use all of the regional flood plans to establish the first ever State flood plan for Texas by September 1, 2024.

The SJRFPG’s main goals for its regional flood plan include identifying flood risks; establishing flood mitigation and floodplain management goals; and recommending evaluations, strategies, and projects to reduce flood risks throughout the entire region.  In order to assist with their flood plan development, SJRFPG is requesting help from the public in identifying flood-prone areas and providing general input on flood issues.  Please visit to report areas that have experienced flooding or to provide general input on flood issues in our area.  The MUD 501 Board appreciate your assistance with this important process.