Wildlife Management in Harris County MUD 500 Lakes

On August 30, 2021, MUD 500 received a report that an alligator was sighted in the far northern portion of MUD 500’s lakes, along Cypress North Houston Road near the intersection with Greenhouse Road. MUD 500 obtained a nuisance control permit from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (required by State law to remove an alligator) and requested that its contractor search for and remove any alligator that might be present in its lakes.

This morning, MUD 500’s contractor caught and removed a 4’ 6” female alligator in the same location. MUD 500’s contractor will continue to monitor the lakes for any evidence of additional alligators and take steps to remove them if any are found.

MUD 500 requests that residents report any sightings of alligators to its operator, Environmental Development Partners, at (832) 467-1599. MUD 500 encourages your district to share this information with your residents. Please visit MUD 500’s website, at http://www.hcmud500.org, for additional information.