Dumpster Replacement & Reminder of Harris County Debris Removal Procedures

Due to the ongoing clean up efforts in Towne Lake, both the Heritage and Crossing dumpsters have again filled up.  MUD 501 has requested that Texas Pride remove and replace the dumpsters as soon as possible.  Replacement is expected  to occur on or about Wednesday, May 29th.  The MUD 501 Board continues to respectfully request that residents wait to dispose of additional debris until the new dumpsters have arrived. Please do not stack debris next to the dumpsters once they have filled up.

Harris County also is continuing with their curbside debris removal process, which is expected to continue for multiple weeks.  As a reminder, please report debris to Harris County’s debris hotline by calling 713-274-3880.  You also can call Precinct 3 dispatch at 713-274-3100, if the debris hotline is busy.

Please see the below graphic for information on sorting your debris to assist with Harris County’s collection efforts.  Please also avoid parking along the curb in front of or immediately across from debris piles if at all possible to avoid blocking collection trucks and equipment.

For more information on disaster recovery resources, please visit https://www.readyharris.org/Resources/Disaster-Recovery-Resources.