Storm Recovery – Special Garbage and Debris Collection Guidelines

As you know, Towne Lake was hit very hard by Thursday’s storm, with significant wind and other damage throughout the community and continued issues due to the extended power outage that has followed. In order to help with the recovery efforts, MUD 501 has arranged with its garbage and recycling provider, Texas Pride, to have roll-off dumpsters delivered by Monday to the following locations: (1) the field on the west side of the intersection of Yaupon Point Ct. and E Highlands Bayou Dr. in the Heritage; and (2) the parking lot at the Towne Lake Memorial Park, located near the intersection of Greenhouse Rd. and Cornerstone Arbor Dr. near the Crossing. Towne Lake residents may use the dumpsters free of charge to dispose of household waste, such as spoiled food items, and storm debris.  Please do not dispose of any liquid paint or other hazardous waste in the dumpsters.

Due to the significant regional impacts of the recent storm, Texas Pride also is putting special garbage and recycling guidelines in place during the week of May 20th for the Tuesday and Friday garage door and curbside collection services in MUD 501.  During this week, only putrescible (household) waste will be collected, no yard waste. Please CLEARLY SEPARATE your household garbage from your yard waste.  Please bag your household waste in bags or containers under 50 pounds and label it FOOD WASTE.

Texas Pride also offers individual paid collection services to residents who have a large volume of piled storm or other debris.  You can visit to fill out a survey and submit photos of the debris, and Texas Pride will contact you with an individual quote for removal.  Please contact Texas Pride, at 281-342-8178, with any questions or to request additional information.

The MUD 501 Board anticipates substantial additional information and resources will be available in the coming weeks.  We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.  Our thoughts and prayers are with our community through this difficult time.