Proper Disposal of Motor Oil and Other Household Hazardous Waste

Recently, the Harris County MUD 501 Board was notified that a resident placed motor oil in their bagged garbage in their trash cart.  As you can see from the photo, when our garbage and recycling collector, Texas Pride, compacted the garbage in their truck, it resulted in an oil spill, which can be difficult and costly to address.

Please help keep our neighborhood clean by following MUD 501’s garbage and recycling guidelines, which are available at  Hazardous waste items, such as liquid paints, fuels, oils, tires, pesticides, fertilizer, and batteries may not be placed in your household garbage.  Instead, you should make an appointment with Harris County’s Household Hazardous Waste facility, located at 6900 Hahl Road, Houston, Texas 77040, to properly dispose of these items.

Please visit for more information on Harris County’s hazardous waste collection services, or to schedule an appointment.