The MUD 501 Board Needs Your Help to Prevent Costly Sewer Problems

As you have been out shopping at the grocery store or other retailers, you may have noticed an increase in the types of pre-moistened disposable wipes, rags, and other products that are labeled as “flushable.” Although the wipes and rags may initially disappear when you flush your toilet, they can cause significant—and expensive—plumbing problems for you and for our the sanitary sewer lines, lift stations, and wastewater treatment plant that serve the MUD 501 community because they don’t break down when exposed to water.

These wipes can combine with fat and other debris to form a clog in sanitary sewer lines, which could lead to a backup of sewage into your home or business. At lift stations and the wastewater treatment plant, the wipes and rags can clog up or break pumps, screens, and other equipment, resulting in costly repairs and difficulty in maintaining normal system operations. The cost of these repairs may add up to tens of thousands of dollars or more per year.

Please help us keep the sanitary sewer system flowing by disposing of wipes and rags in the trash can, and not down the toilet!