Save Money by Saving Water on Your Landscape Watering

Landscape watering is the largest consumer of water.

Spring is the time to turn your sprinkler system on. Before you do, you need to make sure that the components of your sprinkler system are working properly.

  1. Check the controller to make sure the number of days you water is correct and that the length of time each station runs meets the needs of the plants that are being watered. If you see water running down the street during or after you water your lawn you need to shorten the amount of time you are watering each station.
  2. Check for broken pipes in your system by looking for pooling water or soft wet spots in your yard.
  3. Check for and replace broken sprinkler heads.
  4. Adjust the sprinkler heads so that they are watering the correct area and not your fence, your house and or the street.

If you are not able to do this yourself, then contact a licensed sprinkler/irrigation company to check your system and then have them make any needed repairs.

Notice of Cancellation – Electronic Waste Pickup and Document Shredding Event

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines, the HC MUD 501 Board has cancelled the electronic waste pickup and document shredding event scheduled for Saturday, April 18th.

The HC MUD 501 Board expects to reschedule the event when it is safe to do so and will send out notice of the new date when available.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19.

MUD 501 Update Regarding City of Houston Water Main Break

MUD 501 receives drinking water from MUD 500, in its capacity as Master District. The water source for MUD 500 is the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (“WHCRWA”), which obtains treated surface water from the City of Houston (“City”).

As you may be aware, in response to a 96” water main break in the City’s system around noon yesterday, the City issued a Boil Water Notice yesterday evening. Please be aware that the WHCRWA is not issuing or requiring systems receiving water from the WHCRWA, including MUD 501, to issue a Boil Water Notice.

According to correspondence from the WHCRWA operator, which is available here, the drinking water supplied to the WHCRWA, including the MUD 501 water supply, has not been affected by the City’s water main break and continues to remain in compliance with all state and federal requirements.

Career Day

MUD 501 Director, DeBra Edwards, participated in Career Day at Watkins Middle School on February 4, 2020.

Report from Fall 2019 Community Shred Day

October 12, 2019 was not only the first day of crisp, cool fall weather in Towne Lake but also the Fall Electronic Waste Pickup and Document Shredding Day, hosted by Residential Recycling & Refuse of Texas on behalf of Harris County MUD 501. Director DeBra Edwards monitored the event and it was a huge success. The residents that participated were very grateful and look forward to the next event in April.